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Character wanted; Meg Giry
Describe them in your own words; Meg is a young girl who appears to be untouched by the outside world. She lives in her own world of dance and song. The fact that she is so innocent and carefree makes her one of my favorite characters from the Phantom. She is also a beauty with her long blonde hair and her sweet smile.

Write a post that's a paragraph long about this person;

Meg Giry is the daughter Madame Giry. And Madame Giry is the ballet mistress of the Paris Opera House. Meg resembles a porcelain doll with her soft peach colored skin, long golden curls, and big beautiful eyes. She one of the leading dancers of the Opera's ballet corps, and is referred to as a very promising dancer. Meg is also the best friend of Christine. She is very protective of Christine , and becomes very suspicious of her new tutor. Meg also shows bravery by going to great lengths to protect Christine from the Phantom. Overall, I would say Meg is a talented, beautiful, loyal, loving, and brave young lady.

Your name: Christina
Birthday: 12-6-84
AIM: n\a
State:(If in US) Arkansas
Country: U.S.
you have a made-up? (Yes/No): no
Any times you won't be on?: when I’m in class or work.
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